What is a high-risk pregnancy doctor?

Physicians who train for obstetrics all go through a 4 year residency program following medical school where they receive extensive training in a wide variety of high risk pregnancy situations: preterm labor, multiple gestation, recurrent pregnancy loss, pre-existing medical illnesses and fetal abnormalities to name a few. They learn how closely the maternal and fetal concerns are linked together. They are trained how to manage both for optimal healthy outcomes.

After the four-year residency, some go on to a fellowship program in fetal maternal medicine (MFM), where they spend another 2-3 years focusing on fetal evaluation with ultrasound and maternal illness. The MFM doctors consult and follow pregnancies, but they don’t deliver babies themselves, at least not in the metro Atlanta area. Physicians who do not go on to fellowship can practice the full scope of obstetrics and gynecology or they can limit their practice. Some restrict their practice to gynecology only, or limit their obstetrical patients only to those patients deemed as “low risk”.

The physicians at The Women’s Specialists of Fayette have an interest in managing pregnancies of all risk ranges. The 5 physicians have all trained at different training programs throughout the country. As such they bring with them a variety of different experiences and program management philosophies. They have weekly meetings to discuss their patients and to make sure that no stone is unturned in determining what is the best approach for an optimal outcome.
They do take advantage of the 2 MFM groups with privileges at Piedmont Fayette hospital and frequently consult with and co-manage pregnancies with them. They also take advantage of the many specialists in other specialties here at the hospital.

Obstetricians rely on facilities and key services to be available in order to give the best care for high-risk pregnancies. Piedmont Fayette hospital has a level III neonatal nursery, 24 hour in-house anesthesia, robust blood banking and laboratory services, and 24 hour in-house back up obstetricians. In addition, the nursing care in labor and delivery and post partum routinely qualify as a center of excellence. With our office less than a minute walk away from labor and delivery, our physicians are well positioned to respond timely to any emergency and give each other backup if needed. It is the services, facilities and physicians, that make the doctors of Women’s Specialist of Fayette uniquely well qualified as high-risk pregnancy doctors.




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